Innovative Packaging

from 1946

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traditional packaging

Elastic nettings

1 roasting, 2 smoking, aging and special uses, 3 Casing Net, 4 Total Control Net

Twines and ropes

1 hemp/linen twines, 2 rayon twines, 3 PPL yarn and ropes, 4 spagolast, elasticated twine, 5 chicken loops, 6 sisal.

Technical nettings

1 coestruded plastic nettings, 2 knitted textile nettings.

Bone protector

1 bone protector, 2 meat protector, 3 interleaver.

innovative packaging

Paperboard Trays

about us

WE ARE LEADER since 1946 to create innovative packaging solutions that increase operational efficiency, extend shelf life and freshness preserving the taste of the product respecting the environmental and reducing food waste.