circular economy


Faerch has recently launched on the market a new range of EVOLVE trays, made of up to 80% of post-consumer recycled PET material and suitable to be recycled and reused in food market, by keeping unchanged  their functional properties.

The EVOLVE trays are available in different colours, as they are made of mixed, recycled bottles and trays without further additives. The different colour variations offer a unique appearance to the packaging, giving  to the consumers the feeling of using a recycled and sustainable product, result of a circular economy.

The EVOLVE product range is divided into: CPET Evolve, designed mainly for ready meals,  MAPET II and APET for the packaging of fresh and cured meat.

Thanks to the acquisition of 4PET, a leading company in the recovery and recycling of post-consumer PET, Faerch accomplishes its experience in the production of food trays by fully embracing the concept of circular economy.

For more information please visit the following sites:

Faerch: https://www.faerch.com/en
4PET: https://www.4petrecycling.nl/