Home Delivery Project

Protection, safety and service

Two solutions to keep up with an evolving market, offering the maximum hygiene protection for a practical and comfortable customer service.

Eco-friendly by using recycled and 100% recyclable materials.

Two solutions for the food world, from catering to retail: we can satisfy both take-away and home delivery service.

It preserves food to go in a safe, hygienic and practical way.

Availability of an exclusive temperature maintenance system for maximum service.

Tray system

It is a flexible system with a sealing machine, a protective film and a tray suitable for traditional oven, microwave and freezing.

Ideal for retailers, restaurants and deli shops.

Suitable for hot and cold foods: it guarantees the product quality with maximum hygiene and protection.

APET trays available also for cold food: heat-sealable or with LID.

Wide range of solutions.

Solution 1

  •  Sealing machine
  • Cpet tray -40 +220C°
  • Size: C2187 187×137 h 36,40,45,60
  • Two compartments also available
  • Sealing film

Solution 2

  • Sealing machine
  • Cpet tray -40 +220C°
  • Size: C2227 227×178 h 35,43,50
  • Two or three compartments also available
  • Sealing film
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Vacuum system

An innovative system: a vacuum machine and a range of pouches and barrier bags suitable for cooking in boiled water, microwave and traditional hoven.

Materials suitable for pasteurising, sterilising and freezing.

Ideal for sous vide cooking or reviving ready meals in hot water, traditional hoven or microwave.

Vacuum assurance for the best protection.

Our solutions

  • Vacuum machine, bell-shaped or external, with recipes for marinating, sous vide, cocktail and flavour extraction
  • Embossed KRISTALL cooking pouches -40+121°
  • KRISTALL cooking pouches -40+121°
  • CRYOVAC® HC2440 bag for cooking and reviving in traditional hoven and microwave 4h + 220°C.

® ™  are trade or commercial marks of Sealed Air.

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Logistic systems


  • 100% recyclable paper system able to keep hot and cold up to 12 hours.
  • Flexible and practical, it fits all boxes.
  • It replaces foam boxes with space and costs saving.

® ™ are trade or commercial marks of Sealed Air.


  • 100% recyclable paper cooling pack
  • Re-usable with an excellent thermal performance