Paper division

Innovative and eco-friendly packaging

GB Bernucci, with its  business partners, is constantly dedicated to the research and development of innovative products made of eco-friendly materials that comply with our Mission: Food Safety & Respect for the Environment.


The revolutionary tray created by the union of a pre-cut cardboard and a barrier liner. Following the wave of an eco-friendly style, with a simple gesture, by removing the liner from the cardboard, we achieve the Aticelca recyclability at B degree certification. (According to the Italian law: recyclable with paper).


The appealing and eco-friendly cardboard for food packaging. It ensures the maximum product shelf-life and it advertises itself thanks to a completely customizable paper base with four-color printing. Recyclable with paper.


The eco-friendly packaging product line designed for the perfect preservation of cold cuts, fish and cheese in an MAP modified atmosphere. A resealable and versatile packaging, suitable for the most irregular shapes: it always ensures a good presentation of its content. Recyclable with paper.