Versatile and recyclable packaging

SLICEFRESH is a packaging line mainly intended for cold cuts, cheese, fish and cured meats. This type of packaging guarantees the freshness and safety of the product, thanks to the preservation in a modified atmosphere (ATM).

Designed to be recyclable removing the film from paper and ecofriendly containing 80% less plastic than traditional packaging. Slicefresh is the best solution to satisfy today’s expectations in terms of environmental sustainability and recycling.

A versatile packaging, available in different sizes and suitable for the packaging of food with irregular shapes. It keeps the product in the original position on the cardboard,  always ensuring  a good presentation.

Slicefresh satysfies the manufacturer needs:  it is customizable and printable  on both sides and at the same time it becomes a packaging design and a communication tool for the consumer.

The market is more and more approaching this innovative packaging: it allows the reductiond of space both  in retail chains and warehouses.