Eco-friendly cardboard

SLIMFRESH is an innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solution, made of a laminated cardboard base with a food liner and coated with a top as a second invisible skin around the product. This coating offers the possibility of extending food shelf-life, ensuring  freshness and time lasting.

Recycling and sustainability are the guidelines of this new eco-friendly packaging: with a simple gesture you can remove the paper from the film ensuring an efficient recycling.

The versatility of the product and its immediate display are the strengths of his new packaging. In addition,  thanks to a completely customazible paper based with four colour printing, it offers a new advertising solution.

The skin-pack is the solution to meet the various needs of the consumer, manufacturer and environment.

Upon request, Slimfresh can be produced with paper branded FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).  FSC, is the international NGO that established a certification system to ensure responsible forest management and sustainability in the wood-paper supply chain.

FSC issues two different certifications: FMC (Forest Management Certification) and COC (Chain of Custody).

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