Bone protector, Stockinette

Bone protector

Ideal for yoke or ribs packaging.

Waxed cloth

Waxed cloth in TNT, cotton or polyester, suitable for protecting the vacuum pouch from possible breakage caused by asperities of the packaged product, in particular by crushed or angular bones. Once the Bone-protector has been cut to the required dimensions, it is wrapped with a slight pressure around the product to be protected. Available in various heights, weights and rolls with pre-cut.

meat protector


Protective sock in cotton and / or polyester, suitable for covering animal carcasses during transport. It maintains and preserves hygienic conditions, humidity and  presentation of the anatomical cut. The sock, produced with the most modern machinery, is manufactured with the ASB system which prevents runs in the stocking during the packaging phase. Available in light and heavy version, in various colours, in rolls, sewn or clipped pieces. Printing up to 5 colours.