Artificial and elastic casings


Tubolar stocking made of polyamide fybres and synthetic rubber. Suitable for coppa, bacon, bresaola and sausages packaging. It is very resistant and it substitutes traditional casing. Packaging with elastic netting can be avoided. Easy removal of the casing without tearing off the product surface. Available in different cuttings or reels.


Tubular stocking made of polyamide fibres used for hams and sausages. Suitable for protecting hams from insects, avoiding product grouting during the seasoning. It is an alternative to natural casing for coppa, bresaola and pancetta and it can be used for hams positioning in moulds. Available in different cuttings or reels.


Artificial casing made of polyamide and viscose fibres. Mainly used for the packaging of raw and cooked salami. Suitable for coppa, culatello, bresaola and soppressata. It speeds up the seasoning time and it guarantees a very good development of mould and plumage. It allows an easy product peeling and it preserves all the characteristics of the traditional casing.

Shaped Tenotex

In addition to the tubular Tenotex casing, we offer pre-cut and sewn Tenotex casing, in different shapes and sizes. Our casing combines hygiene, practicality and cheapness with the possibility to present the product in different shapes, drawing the customer attention.

Collagen casings

Non-edible collagen casing

Suitable for sausages and for cooking at temperature not exceeding 70˚. Straight caliber from mm 34 to mm 140 or curved caliber from mm 28 to mm 57. Natural colours or upon request: curled sticks straight or curved, perforated, clipped or tied cuts. Easy Peel for peeling, Superduro for filling and high pression, Ready to Use for immediate filling without pre-immersion treatment in water.

Edible collagen casing

Extra fine, NB for steam or water cooking, NC for cooking in a pan or grill, NU very thin casing for cooking in a pan. Calibres from mm 14 to mm 36. Natural color or other colours on demand, straight shirred stick.

Fibrous casings

Fibrous casings

Reinforced casing made by a special thin paper of Acaba fiber impregnated with viscose prepared from wood pulp. The high resistance of the product, obtained through the use of high quality raw materials, guarantees a perfect holding of the casing; (Also in case of very high speed stuffing). The casing is permeable and it allows the growth of mould during the curing. Available from mm. 80 to mm. 200. Available standard sizes and on request. Clipped cuts.

Plastic casings

Plastic casings

Single or Multi layer Plastic casing, also shrinkable, available for all the packaging requirements as sausages and meat production, smoked salami, mortadella, cooked hams, processed cheese, sauce and paté. Available with different characteristics, diameters and colors to satisfy the multiple packaging needs. Also printed up to 4 colors. Available straight or curved, in reels or shirred sticks.