Elastic nettings

Our company started to produce elastic nettings since 1970. We have a long experience and tradition that allows us to fully meet the different needs of the customers, in Italy and abroad.
Our products use raw materials continously controlled and in compliance with the Food Regulations in force. All our elastic nettings are Food grade certificate. In accordance with the raw materials can be used for roasting, boiling, smoking and seasoning.
Our experience has enable us to achieve an high level of quality and offers a wide range of elastic nettings that dress and customize your products with style.


Strengh power (or compressive strengh)

Ideal for boiling

Ideal for ovenroasting

Ideal for smoking

Ideal for seasoning

Ovenroasting elastic nettings

Easy Pull

Elastic netting that, once cut , can be closed by stretching the elastic rubber. Covered rubber with calibrated elasticity, high resistant and ideal for turkeys and chicken roast. Fixed square, available from mm 100 to mm 165.

Microquadro Easy Peel

Fixed square with reduced dimensions allows an easy product peel once cooked or seasoned and a reduced netting penetration on the meat surface. Ideal for cutting meat to be compressed and for products that require netting removal once ready. Available also in red color version for raw products. Fixed square, available from mm 100 to mm 200.


The best polyester elastic netting for meat and sausage packaging. The three layers netting and the accurate coating of the polyester yarn guarantee high resistance and excellent product appeal. Particularly suitable for roast meat. Fixed square, available from 14 to 24 squares.


Circular elastic polyester netting, 3 stitch, high quality. Extremely resistant, very good appeal, suitable for all kinds of packaging. Thanks to a very good quality-price ratio this product is the best performing one in our range of elastic netting for oven roasting. Fixed square, available from 10 to 24 square.


Circular elastic polyester netting, 4 stitch, good quality. Mainly used for packaging of roast meat or anatomic cutting meats. High quality -price ratio. Fixed square, available from 12 to 20 squares.

Cotton elastic nettings

Elastic netting made of cotton and rubber latex. 100% Recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly.

3 NL

Elastic netting with large squares used for packaging of raw salami. Suitable for seasoning and smoking. Available 4/6/8/10 squares, different diameters from mm 70 to mm 200.

Double thread cotton netting

Elasting netting with 2 rubber yarns to guarantee the maximum product compression. Ideal for coppa, capocollo, bacon and cooked products. Available from 14 to 30 squares.

Stitches cotton netting

Elastic netting with good quality and made of 100% cotton and natural rubber. Good compression, ideal for roasting and seasoning products. It can be produced also with thicker rubber to increase the netting performance. Available from 10 to 30 squares.

Elastic nettings for smoking, seasoning and other applications,


Double thread red elastic netting suitable for coppa and bacon or long curing of medium cuts. High compression and good appeal. It allows a perfect seasoning avoiding the air bubbles inside the meat. Available from mm 130 to mm 160.


Double thread elastic netting in red and white colour version. High price/quality ratio with a very good appeal for products to be smoked and seasoned. Very good alternative to traditional nettings for coppa and bacon. Available from sq 14 to sq 24, from mm 110 to mm 180.


One thread elastic netting with cotton stitch. Hemp colour. Made of 100% cotton. Different square sizes upon request. Suitable for seasoning. Similar to an handmade binding. Ideal for salami. Available from mm 80 to mm 180.

X net

Elastic netting with high resistant, developed mainly for the packaging and seasoning of culatelli and similar products. Four coated rubber yarns (2+2) and red and white polyester stitch. Ideal for long curing. Available from mm 150 to mm 240.

Bi-Elastica Mastino

The only elastic netting with a double product compression both in horizontal and vertical direction. Triple extra rubber yarn and a vertical elastic rubber stitch. Unique netting suitable for authomatic filling machine and products requiring a very high compression. Available from mm 100 to mm 180. Usable only with pneumatic net loader.

Bull dog

New concept of elastic netting. Suitable for long curing products requiring a very high compression. Triple elastic rubber yarn. Ideal for coppa, bacon and similar. Available from mm 100 to mm 160.

Super pesante

Double thread elastic netting, with cotton stich and red levilene yarn. Large square. Suitable for smoking, seasoning and boiling. It can be also produced in pure cotton for oven roasting. High resistant and very compressive. Suitable for hams, Praga hams, capocolli. Available from sq 12 to sq 30.

Double thread micro-square with red yarn

Double thread elastic netting with small squares, very high compression, easy peel. Rubber yarn coated in white polyester and red polyester stitch. Suitable for culatello and similar products requiring a very high compression. Ideal for long curing. Available from mm 125 to mm200.

Doppia trama Filo rosso 3 battute

Double thread elastic netting with red nylon and cotton stitch. Suitable for seasoning and smoking. Higher compression performance than 5 stitches netting. Ideal for bacon, coppa, capocolli, salami and all products to be seasoned. Available from sq 11 to sq 30.

Doppia trama Filo rosso 5 battute

Double thread elastic netting with red nylon and cotton stitch. Suitable for seasoning and smoking. High compression performance. Ideal for bacon, coppa, capocolli, salami and all products to be seasoned. Available from sq 11 to sq 30.

casing net

Casing net

A weft-knitted netting made of natural rubber and polyester yarn. Thanks to its compressive structure this product can be used as a casing. Suitable for both seasoning and cooking products. High compression performance and perfect uniformity of the product surface. The easy peel removes waste and it grants a perfect product appeal due to the absence of bumps effects. Available from mm 80 to mm 240.

total control net

Total Control Net

TOTAL CONTROL NET ® is the only netting allowing a customized calibre product. Thanks to the new patented technology it is possible to predefine the diameter of the product during the filling phase. Both cooked and seasoned finished products will have a costant diameter and a uniform appearance, ready for slicing. Total Control Net reduces the production waste for a better production efficiency. The calibre uniformity will avoid the use of more rubber to compress the product: once filled, the product will expand till the maximum predefined netting calibre. Consequently it will be no longer the netting to compress the product but i twill be the product to expand to the predefined calibre. The use of less rubber allows also economic savings and a greater sustainability in the packaging disposal. The use of Total Control Net ® avoids the cracking of the casing during filling and clipping and in many applications allows also to eliminate the use of collagen or fibrous casings.