Vacuum pouches


We introduce a revolutionary vaccum pouch only 40” tickness. Ideal for cold cuts, products without asperities and soft cheese. The PA/PE 20/20 composition allows the pouch to have a barrier capacity similar to Kristall 100 (PA/PE 20/65) and an excellent strength. The final packaging looks like a shrink bag. The 40” thickness contributes to reduce both storage capacity and plastic usage, reducing the European plastic tax up to 45%. Available four standard sizes, no logo boxes, 2.000 pcs packet of 200 pcs with bar code.

KRISTALL bags PA/PE for vacuum packaging

Kristall film produced with the most updated 7 or 9 layers extruding machines. It allows materials with different structural characteristics to be extruded in one film. Polyamide and polyethylene resins, differently mixed, offer various thicknesses suitable for vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging for a wide range of products. Thicknesses availability: 70”, 90”, 100”, 150”, 170”and 200”. Other standard sizes upon request. All range of Kristall pouches can be customized with external flexo printing up to 10 colours. Opaque white or transparent blue colour are also available upon request. We offer a three sealing pouch but, upon request, we can also produce a single fold pouch without bottom sealing, suitable for deli.


Vacuum bags suitable for vacuum machines with external suction. The bag has a side “honeycomb” embossing derived from a film lamination process providing a homogeneous thickness and a barrier to the upper oxygen, assuring a longer conservation of the product and reducing punctures. Available in standard sizes, no logo boxes, in blister of 100 pcs with bar code on each single package. The SF structure is also available and it is suitable for heat-treatments such as pasteurization and sterilization.


Vaccum bags with gas medium barrier, made with polyamide coextruded film and a  polypropylene sealing layer. The structure is available in two thicknesses “90” and “150” satisfying the specific packaging needs for pasteurized (91°) or sterilized (121°) products, not exceeding four hours treatment. It can be also heated in the microwave up to 900 watt for 8 minutes. Standard and customized sizes are available.